“The strength and power of the feminine moves me, and therefore my definition of creative principles leads me to work with four women who join together, who come together, who meet themselves.
Sandra is anchored in the fertility of Mother Earth, and takes from her the generosity through the leaf of corn. A product that is present in our culture since ancient times.

Majo takes us into the future. Her creations are the heart of what is coming, the materiality that takes shape from the technique. Technology at the service of art.
Sandra and Majo complement each other in their ideals: what is, what has been and what will be.

Simone manipulates and maneuvers from the strands. She unravels the secrets of one of the lost traditions of our people, the embroidery of buttons. The delicacy of the detail.
The seamstresses guard the nobility of the capazos. In them, it rests the shelter and care of the interior of the product.
The virtuous circle closes with me. I orchestrate, direct, dream and create every movement.

At the rhythm of alchemy, the elements that give life to Capazos Daniella Salcedo are woven and fused.”


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