The one, the authentic, the unrepeatable…


Sustainable design, fair trade and inclusive, made imperfectly by hand with organic fabrics in plant fibers collected in different parts of the world: Latin America, Southeast Asia, Morocco and Europe. Unique pieces of special care and delicacy, where manual confection reaches its maximum expression by becoming objects full of life, pure, beautiful and unrepeatable.
The roots of inspiration are focused on women who have transcended the common thanks to the beauty of their own identity. The FRIDA Collection, inspired by Frida Khalo, stands out for its irreverence of colors. The YAYOI Collection, inspired by Yayoi Kusama, stands out for its obsession with points. The THEA Collection, inspired by Thea Porter, stands out for fusing the hippie, boho and gipsy. The ARTEMISIA Collection, inspired by Artemisia Lomi, stands out for the excess of the baroque. I am currently developing the Gabriela Mistral Collection, inspired by the immense figure of our great poet and Nobel Prize winner.

Capazo’s Collections


“I dreamed of creating a capazo that could express the gratitude, joy and deep energy that I have for life. And it could be mine through color, elements and combinations.”


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