The roots of inspiration are focused on women who have transcended the common thanks to the beauty of their own identity. The FRIDA Collection, inspired by Frida Khalo, stands out for its irreverence of colors. The YAYOI Collection, inspired by Yayoi Kusama, stands out for its obsession with points. The THEA Collection, inspired by Thea Porter, stands out for fusing the hippie, boho and gipsy. The ARTEMISIA Collection, inspired by Artemisia Lomi, stands out for the excess of the baroque.


The purest expression of glamor is in the details. SJP erased the limits and taught us to be true divas.


The irreverence and passion of colors is imposed by the inspiration of Frida Khalo.


Obsession, detail and creativity. Yayoi Kusama illuminates this collection with her artistic industriousness focused on points.


The excess, waste and effrontery of the baroque springs from every pore of Artemisia Lomi, who with her presence serves as a guide to stand out without barriers.


The fusion of hippie, boho and gipsy covers every fabric, accessory and materials. In Thea Porter each note of this collection is lodged.


Sustainable, inclusive and restless luxury that sees the light of the hand of women who together add more.


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