A casual meeting. This is the story between Capazos Daniella Salcedo and SJP. It was during the shooting of a commercial that Daniella showed her capazos to the New York diva and immediately the actress asked for one for her. Daniella thought about the key concepts to decorate her creation: stilettos and hearts.
The protagonist of Sex and The City was so fascinated with her capazo that -along with ordering two more for her daughters- she urged her to dedicate herself to designing and she also predicted that in a short time she would be in New York. “It was a dream to make a special capazo for her. She told me she would be the first Chilean designer in her wardrobe, ” she says. An accurate and key prediction, since Capazos Daniella Salcedo was recently awarded at the Business Initiative Directions in New York City. A dreamed godmother turned out to be SJP.

Creativity without Limits

“A piece that is created, a thread that looms to connect with noble fibers. Colors that emerge from the depths of inspiration.
Fusion of past and future, of traditions and innovation, of art and dreams.

I choose materials from different parts of the world. Capazos are from Morocco, Thailand, Chiloé or India. The linens are from Spain, the tassels from India, the pompoms from Peru, the dream catchers and ribbons from Ecuador.

In each country I look for handicraft or manufacture that provokes a feeling and that contains a history.”




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